In 1996, Shemesh Project Management was founded with a clear vision:
To storm into the real estate world and professionally carry out complex projects of various types at a level never seen before in Israel.

Today, with successful projects and satisfied customers across the country,
Shemesh project management has divisions that operate independently and specialize in various fields:

Licensing and Department of Urban Building plan management.
Planning and coordination
Project management and execution oversight
Tenant supervision and quality control
3D modeling (REVIT) in BIM 3D methodology

Just as an entire team working on a project has the ideal collaboration, so do our divisions!
Through them, budget control, quality control, and schedule control will be carried out most completely and accurately –
and will ensure your success and our success in diverse projects in many fields.a

The Team behind the project

An integral part of our ‘I believe,’ and of course behind Shemesh project management as a company – is the winning team! We believe that for any project, whether big or small, only one talented and professional project manager – is not enough. That is why an entire team, consisting of leading architects and engineers with expertise in the specific field the project needs, manages each project we carry out. The collaboration in managing the project by the most suited team ensures that we will meet each of our commitments and perform our work to the best of our abilities.

With this way of working and the vast experience we have accumulated, we have completed projects in various areas:
Roads and infrastructure, hotels, commercial buildings, residential buildings, office towers, logistics centers, and more. In addition, we specialize in everything related to providing opinions and mediations and arbitrations in construction. With the valuable professional knowledge and experience we have acquired; we will be happy to assist our clients in these areas.

Your project is in good hands

Along with the utmost professional work, we will be happy to provide you with courteous and efficient service, provide an answer to any question or dilemma and ensure you have peace of mind – throughout the project.
At Shemesh Project Management, we accompany you comprehensively and with dedication, meet schedules and commitments and manage each project with the personalization and attention it deserves.

At Shemesh Project Management, we strive to give each client, business or company, a unique experience in the real estate world – with a strong emphasis on customization to the project size, character, and complexity, as well as personal accompaniment, and attention, as well as an uncompromising service always.

It is imperative to be accurate and to catch all the details, both big and small, when managing a successful real estate project –
proper execution of budget control, quality control, and of course, adhering and controlling the schedules.
So, more than once or twice, we are asked, at Shemesh Project Management – how do we do it?


Beyond the experience, working with a professional team, and some professional secrets that we cannot reveal,
we are excited and thrilled to present you, our divisions!
Shemesh Project Management has divisions that run independently
but also in a marvelous collaboration that together makes up the complete management of each of our projects:  

Licensing division and Department of Urban Building Plan management.

Our licensing division and the department of urban building plan management offer unique services that answer varied needs. Among our services: Our licensing division and the department of urban building plan management offer unique services that answer varied needs. A Complete team and integration of licensing personnel, on behalf of the company, into the planning process – integration of a team that meets the requirements and desires of the Israel Land Authority, the district and local committee, the electricity company, the water corporation, the authorities, and the various departments required to approve construction permit procedures.

In addition, the Licensing Division and the Urban Building Plan Department take an active part in the planning meetings, at the beginning of the project, before presenting it to the various bodies. Thus, they are shortening the planning process, providing answers and references to the requirements of multiple authorities in independent planning meetings. Part of the daily activities of the division’s engineers and architects facing the various licensing teams – reaching the offices of the various authorities and creating personal acquaintance and continuous contact with all the diverse projects of our office. This division has a unique specialization in working with the various authorities in the different cities, emphasizing the city of Tel Aviv. It even focuses on the engineering department and the planning departments within it.

The U.B.P Department of the Division fulfills the vision of the entire Division, following the famous proverb: “Think before you act.” The U.B.P Department houses the best licensing and planning architects of Shemesh Project Management, who manage and accompany the U.B.P phase with attention and optimal and long-term planning. Licensing and planning architects will provide solutions to obstacles and challenges they are well acquainted with from their many years of accompanying projects. In fact, for many questions, most of the answers already exist – already in the initial planning. With the help of the division and with the rapid approval of the U.B.P phase, obtaining a building permit becomes more efficient and faster!



















Planning and coordination division.

This is the largest division in Shemesh Project Management, consisting of architects and engineers specializing in the little details of all the planning and coordination processes! The division makes highly accurate planning, according to each discipline, using a unique labeling system, quality control system, process control system, and budget control system.

Each of our projects in Shemesh Project Management begins in the planning and coordination division – starting with developing a unique planning program, which is sent to all project planners and serves as the planning basis of the project. In addition, the division has complete and total control over planning alternatives – to the primary milestones and various alternative options for each need. Along with the program, the division issues a detailed Gantt chart for each project and performance estimates for all components of the project separately – and not just for the overall execution price. In addition, the division manages execution alternatives, promotes execution plans, manages and coordinates weekly meetings, distributes the contractor tender, and more.

The planning and coordination division has a unique ability – to skip the stage of putting the plans out to tender and instead distribute a high-level contractor tender, with detailed plans for execution 1:50. The contractor tender includes sections, lists, superpositions, writing a perfect tender book, and full technical specifications for all project phases. The division’s team also accompanies the project during the execution period. It provides a central solution to everything related to the issuance of execution instructions as an additional alternative for the entire team of planners – and all in one place!

Project management and execution oversight division.

Shemesh Project Management division of project management and execution oversight consists of experienced engineers with extensive knowledge and vast experience in the field – and many projects, which have been crowned as successful under their dedicated management. At the time of execution, a broad management team consisting of the Chief Engineer, Project Manager, and Chief Supervisor manages our entire project. All of them are, of course, an integral part of the Division.

The division staff professional personnel for the project – defines the scope of work in it, from close supervision only to the level of a full-time and permanent supervisor who deals with the specific project – in addition, of course, to the also appointed project managers and engineers. Also, upon completing the finishing work and the delivery – in many cases, the division will increase the scope of jobs and work on the project to give maximum attention to each tenant and apartment without compromising the adherence with pre-determined schedules.












Tenant supervision and quality control division

Shemesh’s Tenant Supervision and Quality Control Division consist of only the best supervisors and senior project managers. Thanks to many years of practice and irreplaceable professional experience, the division excels in knowing the execution processes.

The Tenant supervision and quality control division is a horizontal division, which accompanies all our projects with dedication! The division accompanies the licensing, planning, and execution processes, and more. In addition, as part of tenant supervision – our quality control teams are also assigned to each project, in unprecedented positions in the construction market: Starting from a basic level of about a quarter of a job to a full-time job for each project!