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Shemesh Project Management is a leading engineering company groundbreaking in its field, offering real estate project management at a level never seen before.

Behind each of our projects, there is a whole team consisting of professional and experienced engineers and architects. The team is highly engaged and is always in high attendance – from the first moment, we start working on the project until the work’s end and to the satisfaction of each of our clients.
From the projects we have already carried out and the experience we have gained, we have learned that each project is unique and requires the cooperation of the most suited professionals and varying work scope necessary to complete it.

As part of our ‘I believe,’ at Shemesh Project Management, we will provide the most suitable, customized, and accurate escort for each project. Instead of a single engineer supervising the project, we will put together an entire team! A dedicated, responsible, and highly experienced team, with only one goal in mind – your project, just as you dreamed of it.

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Shemesh Project Management has many and varied areas of activity and execution:
Commercial or residential buildings, office towers, hotels, logistics centers, roads, and infrastructure, providing opinions, mediations, and arbitration in the construction field and more.

We will be happy to work with you and on your project!
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